What has your colorful, intelligent Little Companions behind bars?

I’m sure after seeing the title, you’re just like…colorful intelligent little companions…yeah…she’s definitely talking about a parrot. So the question must be, what has a parrot behind bars, right? Well if you haven’t yet figured it out, it’s a cage. And now you’re just like ooh yeah, I get it! Right?

So we’re on the topic of parrot cages. But before we get on lock down with the topic, (lock down, get it?!), we’ll take a trip to a land of parrots and find out a bit more about the creatures that have a better memory recollection than we do.

A little about Parrots

I bet you had no idea that there are 372 different species of parrots across the world. Yes, a total amount of three hundred and seventy- two (372), completely different types of parrots. Now each species of parrots range in different sizes, names, colors, and ethnicity, as not all parrots are from or exist in the same country or area. Parrots however, mostly inhabit the tropics, or sub- tropical areas such as Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and South America, and New Zealand.

Of course, there are big parrots, small parrots, maybe even in-between sized parrots, with the Kakapo, being the largest parrot, known to man that is, famous especially for their cheekiness and utter curiosity, found in New Zealand’s South Island. Parrots feather’s also range in different bright and lively colours, making them as colorful as they appear to the human eye. Parrots have curved beaks, also known as bills, strong legs and clawed feet, with two toes positioned backward, and two positioned forward, amounting to a total of four toes for each foot, with useful claws at the end of each, allowing their ability to strive, survive, and live in trees, and their ability to pick their food with their feet then take it to their mouth.

Parrots are very unique, you probably already know. But what you didn’t know is that some species of parrots can live over the total of eighty (80) years. Parrots are purely omnivores, as they feed on other insects, seeds, fruits and nectar from flowers. They are also wild creatures, though often mistaken to be domestic. Their intelligence is another feature that contributes to their uniqueness, as they are almost as intelligent as humans, and have a better memory recollection than most of us.

Parrot cages

Most parrot cages are made or wrought iron and painted with a non-toxic paint referred to as powder-coating.

So finally we get to cages. Now there are different sizes of cages. The different sizes range for the variety of parrots, as depending on their size, specie, amongst others, parrot cages may need to be big, small, wide or tall…even extra-large.

A lot of parrot cages are made with iron and then painted with a non-toxic paint, at least, that was mostly back in the day. These days, a lot of the cages are being made of stainless steel, as it lasts longer, and endures better. But of course, are more expensive.

It is recommendable that when selecting a cage, it’s a parrot cage, and it gives the parrot enough space to move around and be jolly. Cages should be cleaned regularly to ensure it doesn’t kill the parrot before time…just a precaution, and probable necessity. A cage is the home of your pet, so it should be treated as how you would keep your home.

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