The Best Kept Secrets of a Home Compost Bin

Home compost bins represent the perfect way to enjoy better living. For instance, why should you still contribute to the already “full to the max” landfills yet you can use these bins to save the world? This might seem like a small step, but if you pool efforts together, you represent a major decision towards the ultimate goal.

You Are Already Practicing the Concept

Recycling material has long been a practice of most people. You might already be recycling newspapers, clothing and plastic material, so why shouldn’t you take a step further and recycle your kitchen garbage? Instead of filling your trash with leftover food, use a compost bin to start the garbage disposal cycle.

A Home Compost Bin Brings Convenience at Your Doorstep

With the compost bin outside your kitchen you have a convenient spot that can hold all your refuse and kitchen scraps. Convenience comes in because these bins are easily accessible and portable, allowing you to shift them from one spot to another without any hassle. They also produce no odor, helping you maintain a clean environment for your kitchen.

You get to kill two birds at the same time. Apart from keeping your kitchen clean you also get fertilizer for your garden. You save money on buying commercial fertilizer.

Making the Process a Success

Most of the scraps that you add to the compost bin increase the compositing process. Eggshells, coffee grounds and vegetable peelings release nitrogen during compositing. This nitrogen helps speed up the compositing process. Make sure to add some little water into the compost bin so that you rev up the process. However, make sure the water isn’t too much to prevent the materials from becoming mush.

Make sure the bin you purchase comes with a lid. The lid keeps excess moisture at bay and makes sure annoying insects stay out. Check out these highly rated bins to kickstart the process.

Additionally keep on rotating the compost to make sure you get the perfect mix and speed up the process. You can do this manually or choose a bin that comes with a tumble that will automate the rotating process.

One way to accelerate the process is to add earthworms to the compost bin. These worms will make the turnover fast, reducing on the waiting time before you can use the compost.

A Caution

However, you need to understand the kind of material to include in the compost bin. Most of the scraps that you will discard can go into the bin. Coffee grounds, bread and vegetables represent the perfect mix. Don’t include bones, scraps of meat and oil in the bin because this will attract scavengers into your yard.

Final Thoughts

The best yields in cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers are possible with the use of home compositing bins. You might have to put in some effort to enjoy these fresh vegetables, but the reward is huge. You end up spending less on buying these produce, and you get satisfaction from the experience as well. All this is also possible via the use of well-generated compost from your bins.