Smoothie Tips for Triathlon Athletes

Are you preparing for a triathlon or any other energy intense competition? You need to consume enough calories so that you can maintain weight. One of the ways to stay on top of your training program and achieve the weight you need to be competitive is to consume liquid meals – smoothies. Smoothies are an excellent source of nutrients ideal for the pre-workout and the recovery phase competition needs. Let us look at what you need during these phases and the ideal smoothies for each.

The Pre-workout Smoothie

You need to have fuel that will take you through the early morning workouts. You might have to wake up at 5 am to take something before you start training at 6 am. A smoothie is the easiest way to load up on the necessary fuel and gives you fluids that you are bound to lose later on. You can blend it and sip in in your car as you head to the gym or track.

The best time to take the smoothie is at least 30 minutes before starting the workout. The liquid nature of the smoothie reduces the time between drinking and starting the workout.

Try and be innovative during preparation. For instance, if you are training in the summer, add some ice cubes to make the smoothie cold. I would recommend a blueberry honey smoothie for your pre-workout session. Add some plain yogurt to make it more nutritious.

Recovery Smoothie

You need to replace any lost fuel after intense exercise. However, during workout blood is diverted away from your stomach, making digestion of solid foods harder and longer. You can tolerate liquid foods better after an intense workout. You tolerate liquid foods better than solid foods after an intense workout – smoothies help quench your thirst and are easier to digest.

The perfect time to take this smoothie is 45 minutes after finishing the workout. The smoothie for repair is loaded with carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen, high levels of proteins to help repair torn or injured muscles and essential fat. Use whey protein because it is easy to digest.

I would recommend a banana-almond smoothie. Add a scoop of whey protein and some milk to make it nutritious.

Smoothies for Use during Training

Many triathletes depend on sports foods for the race day. However, these foods don’t supply the necessary amount of calories and leave your body lacking in nutrients. Use nutrient-rich smoothies in place of the sports foods. A green smoothie is one of the best ways to boost the levels of nutrients in your body. You can use the smoothie as a snack in place of a snack bar.

Green Vegetables are more nutritious as compared to other foodstuffs. You can add in some fruits to make the smoothie more appealing.

Final Words

Being a triathlete needs more than just commitment and dedication – it also requires you to eat well. One of the best foods to consider is a smoothie. Smoothies are easy to consume and take a short time to get digested. To enjoy the benefits of smoothies in your training and on race day, you need the right blender. Visit Smooth Maker reviews to find the ideal tool for your needs.