Secrets of ideal cutlets.

Fried cutlets are one of the world famous dishes. Despite this dish is easy in preparation inexperienced culinary specialists often have problems with it. Most often, they complain that cutlets turn out too tough, or collapse directly on a frying pan. It is very simple to fix a situation. We will consider the basic recipe of ideal cutlets and several variations on a cutlet subject from amateur cooks and true professionals.

If you are going to buy third-rate meat for cutlet forcemeat, you should not expect an excellent result. Bad meat will guarantee awful cutlets. So be not greedy, and choose good pork and beef in the market. At the same time, purchase onions, spices, salt, and milk.

Use small bulbs, four garlic cloves and 1/3 rolls (long loaf) on a kilogram of meat. Salt and spices add to ready forcemeat for taste. It is recommended to be not zealous, as cutlets may turn out too salty. As for forcemeat, it is possible to use only veal, not too old beef or to take equal parts of beef and pork. Pork cutlets can turn out too fatty that not will please your pancreas.

Long loaf (it is better a little hardened) is put in the reservoir with milk or water, onions and meat cut into pieces, and together with garlic and pieces of the soaked long loaf scroll in the meat grinder. It is better to use an electric meat grinder. Learn why at Prepping Meat. Some people make only one scrolling, and someone considers correct to scroll meat for two-three times. This is the matter of taste.

In order for cutlets do not get out of a shape many add egg or semolina to forcemeat as the binding agent.
If there is an opportunity – do more forcemeat. It is convenient to refrigerate it, having divided into portions. Then within a week, you will be able to get the packet from forcemeat and make fresh cutlets for dinner.

Everyone love cutlers (except vegetarians;). Gentle, creamy, crisp – such cutlets will decorate any table. The tastiest chicken cutlets can be made by the following way. Take a good piece of chicken breast fillet and scroll it via the meat grinder. Then mix forcemeat with the white loaf (which is in advance soaked in milk and passed via the meat grinder once again). The substance should be salted, flavored with oil and to stir carefully. It is desirable to use a wooden spoon. In order to create cutlets accurately roll them in small ground breadcrumbs and then fry in the heated oil on both sides to a ruddy crust. The cutlet should be put in the warmed oven for 5 minutes or stay closed with a cover and to left of the minimum fire for the same time.