Easy Methods to Relieve Back Pain from Sleeping

Sleeping is meant to provide comfort and rest to people, yet most complain of back pain upon waking up. If you are one of these people, then it may have something to do with your sleeping position and your mattress. This article will guide you to sleep properly and to replace your mattress with something more back-friendly.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Stomach

Stomach sleeping has a tendency to flatten the natural curve of the lower back, plus, you are likely to keep your head on one side for the entire night if you sleep in this position. Both of these will distort the natural alignment of the vertebrae in your neck. To make it worse, it applies compressive forces on different organs as well as various nerves, causing a sharp, painful sensation upon waking up. The only solution for this is to train yourself to sleep in a different position, which is quite hard.

Side Sleeping

Sleeping on your side can minimize insomnia and disrupted night sleep. You should have your knees as well as your hips slightly bent. Also, placing a pillow between your knees and in front of your chest adds more comfort. Lastly, the pillows can serve as an obstacle for you to move back to your usual stomach sleeping position.

Back Sleeping

As long as you do not suffer from a disc injury in the lower back, back sleeping is a great alternative to side sleeping. For additional comfort, you should place a soft pillow or a towel beneath your knees and the lumbar curve in your lower back. By doing so, you can keep the natural curve of the spine.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are the ideal remedy for back pain caused by sleeping. One would enable your hips and upper back to sink into the foam, which reduces the pressure, while also supporting your lower back. Thus, it preserves the natural curve of the spine, reducing the pain caused by sleeping, as compared to sleeping with a bad mattress. You might want to check https://freeyourspine.info/best-mattress-back-pain/.


To say goodbye to back pain, you should stop sleeping on your stomach and replace your mattress with a memory foam type. Alternatives to stomach sleeping include side sleeping and back sleeping. However, you may have to train yourself to change your sleeping position, which pillows can be of great assistance.