You Need To Buy The RØDE NTG4+

You Need To Buy The RØDE NTG4+

The RØDE NTG4+ is one of the latest short shotgun mics by the brand Rode, and you should consider buying it if you’re on the market for a budget microphone. Why should you purchase it? There are many reasons, and this includes:

The Noise Levels
The RØDE NTG4+ is considered to be one the most heavily underrated mics out there. However, one of the reasons the mic is a good buy is due to the noise levels. Compare to past models, the mic offers far superior quality, and it’s noise characteristics are impressive. When it comes to noise reduction, the RØDE NTG4+ does not disappoint.

The Mic’s Frequency Response
When it comes to how natural a microphone sounds, frequency response plays a huge role. Thankfully, the NTG4+’s response is impressive. What this really means for you, the user, is you’ll enjoy an unfiltered response and sounds that are completely natural.

The Build & Design
One of the most impressive things about the mic is its build and design. Access the controls for the RØDE NTG4+ is hassle-free, and you can converse the battery with just a flip of a switch. Also, if you hold down on the pad key, then you can power on/off the mic. This mic was designed to be user-friendly and the design removes the guesswork involved with figuring out how to use it, which isn’t the case with other kinds of mics.

Battery Life 
You don’t want to purchase a short shotgun with a horrible battery life. This isn’t what you’ll get with the RØDE NTG4+ mic. The battery lasts for quite a long time, but when it dies out, you’ll have to recharge it for about two hours. This isn’t bad considering how long mother mics’ batteries take to charge.

The Price
Finally, you should purchase the RØDE NTG4+ because of the price. It is actually very affordable, as it goes for around $400, which is more than a fair price. If you want a mic that delivers a lot for your money, than look no further than the RØDE NTG4+.

The bottom line is the RØDE NTG4+ mic might be underrated, but it is easily one of the top microphones out there. You’ll probably be surprised at how good this mic is, and how well it works. Go ahead and buy the RØDE NTG4+, try it out and then you can decide whether or not you should keep it.