Understanding Spinning Salad

Many people prefer to have salad as part of their diet but do not really know how to make it right. This is why Spinning Salad is on a mission to sensitize salad lovers on the benefits of having their own salad maker. With a Salad spinner, making salad is just a walk in the park as long as you have mastered how to operate it right. A salad spinner at home means that you no longer have to but the expensive pre-cut vegetables at the market. All you have to do is to get the loose green and make your own salad at home.

It is important however to ensure that you invest in a good salad spinner, especially considering that loose greens tend to stay fresh much longer compared to the pre-cut ones. As much as there are other handy ways to make salad like squeezing with a towel, this does not compare with the speed that comes with using a salad spinner right at your kitchen. What’s more, these machines can also be used for other kitchen tasks like rinsing fresh, small fruits like berries. Similarly spinach, grapes and herbs can also be dried in there.

Spinning Salad reviews salad spinners from authoritative brands and those offer the reader trusted models in the market. A salad spinner however requires great care in terms of how it is used to avoid damage and increase its longevity. When working with it, it is advisable to distribute evenly the ingredients. You can then add the dressing and make a slight spin to ensure that the dressing coats the greens evenly. Be careful not to add too much to the machine as this will run the risk of a clogged spinner. Instead, ensure that you pack the lettuce in four or five cups. When the spinner becomes full, it makes less likely to dry the greens effectively.

So which are the best salad spinners to buy? As much as there are various types in the market today, two models stand out as the most popular. These are Oxo Good Grips and Zyliss Easy Spin. These are not only affordable but also effective in making the best salads at home. They are easy to use and clean thus making these convenient for home use. As much as there are others spinner made from stainless steel, this does not mean that the plastic ones would not do the job just as well. The stainless steel salad spinner  is mostly used for commercial purposes unless you have a large family. You do not need to spend too much on a salad spinner when you can get an affordable one that will be just right for making your own salads at home.