Signs That You Don’t Have A Work-life Balance

Signs That You Don't Have A Work-life Balance

Striking a balance between work and life is a big challenge to the working generation. When most people hear about work-life balance, all that comes to their mind is being buried in work and forgetting to have a social life. However, the other way round is also possible where you focus much on life and so little on your work. The two aspects are equally important because work puts food on the table while life gives you a reason to exist. The only way you can get fulfillment is when the two aspects are in agreement. The following are some indicators that your work-life balance is in chaos

You are always tired

You may be one of those who counts him or herself lucky if you get six hours of sleep in a day. Sometimes you can also feel the fatigue even after sleeping for eight hours which shows that something is wrong with your life. If you also hate it when the alarm goes off, then it means that you have developed hatred towards your job. Feeling worn out even without performing manual tasks shows that you are struggling to balance your physical attributes and your mental activity.

You do not care about what you eat

When was the last time you ate a decent meal? If you cannot remember, then it indicates that your work-life balance is in a mess. You need to balance your health and work. Your life stems from what you eat, and you do not have any excuse not to eat what suits your body best. Women care so much about their looks and food plays a major part in female progress. Treat yourself right by reducing processed foods and focus on those that nourish your physical body and the brain as well.

You are struggling with relationships

If you find that most of the people you used to talk to are now avoiding you, then you have to know that your social life is in a mess. You may be creating new friends at the workplace, but you also need others in the outer space. Some of the relationships might not be dead yet, but you can see that you are struggling to keep them afloat. It is okay to have some alone time, but when it reaches a point when you do want to see people completely, then you should know that something is wrong.