Open your Cans Hassle Free – Know about Different Kinds of Can Openers

Canned food is very popular these days. This is because canned food does not require any efforts, you need to just open the can and warm up the food and eat it. However, since these cans are made up of aluminium or other hard metal they are very hard to open. With the help of various tools known as can openers, you can now open cans without any hassle. These come in a variety of designs. In this article, we will be talking about various kinds of can openers and how to use them.

Know about various kinds of can openers

The Can Cutters were the earliest can openers. This allows you cut open the can. Below are some other kinds of can openers and how to use them –

  • Claw-shaped opener – it is shaped like a claw with a sharp edge on one side. You are required to pinch a hole in the can and cut it along the edges to open the can.
  • Church-key opener – earlier it was used to open glass bottles by opening up the cork. Now it can be used to open cans as well. You can punch a hole in the can with the help of this opener, you need to pull out the opener as quickly as possible. This will pluck out a bit of the can so that you can pour the contents.
  • Bunker opener – it can be used single-handedly. It holds the can, when you press the key to pull out a part of can to open it.
  • Single-wheel opener – such openers will open your can quickly and hassle-free. You are required to place the opener on the rim and wheel it as you go forward. This will cut the top of the can.

Other kinds of can openers

There are various other kinds of can openers. Some of them are –

  • The professionals often use electric can openers. They provide the maximum precision and takes minimum time. They are composed of many sharp blades that can cut through hard cans.
  • Crown punch openers are also used by the professionals. They can open various heavy volume cans in a jiffy. It is composed of numerous blades that are placed in a circular manner. They get pierced in your can and open it in one single go.

It is important to know that such professional can openers do require some maintenance. It is advisable to go for a manual can opener if you do not require can openers for professional use.