Marketing Your Business on Social Media

Marketing Your Business on Social Media

If you are one of those people that praise marketing your business on social media then let me start with a warning first. 98% of businesses fail to market their business on platforms like Facebook in a profitable way and the main reason is that people don’t join social media platforms to get harassed by ads, their attention span is extremely low and they are just looking for updates from friends so if your message is at least a bit commercial you’re already doomed to fail.

Informative content is the way to go

I’ve done multiple tests with informative content and although I say it’s way to go it’s not as easy as it sounds, most of my tests have actually failed because information is not enough, it needs another factor like either being provocative or entertaining, and as you only have a few words to describe the post you are about to boost you have to come up with one killer headline to get people to click on the article or at least the read more button.

Even with videos, it’s hard to grab their attention as Facebook counts people as views like 0-3 seconds while those people haven’t even viewed at all. All they did was pause their timeline to read an update from a friend and it happened to be so that there was a video just above or below it so most of those video views are worthless, and with videos the same applies, if it doesn’t entertain your users forget about it, education is key, but not on social media, never forget that.

Capture those leads or you’re doomed

Once you get people to read your funny or extremely interesting post it’s hard to make a sale at the end of the post so don’t even try this. What you should do instead is have some solid stuff to give away so that you can at least capture their email. Even then most people will provide you with a throwaway email address which doesn’t make it much more effective but it’s pretty much your only chance.

Retargeting – an absolute must do

When they click your post they end up on your website so make sure you have Googles retarget pixel installed there. Retargeting through Google is very affordable and it shows your ad at many more places than a platform like Instagram or Facebook can provide, besides that, retargeting through Facebook/Instagram (they belong to the same company in case you didn’t know) is extremely expensive so don’t even think about doing that as it’s one big waste of money, target them on other sites and on Google instead and now you can be more commercial and go for a direct sale.

Don’t stop after showing it two-three times though, most people need to see your ad at least a dozen of times before they even consider purchasing it. For a more extensive guide on social media marketing, I refer you to Trust Advisor as they have some neat little tricks to grow your audience without spending a dime, except for some upfront costs for bots you’re soon on your way to grow an audience the size you’ve never imagined you could have.