How To Open Your Wine Bottle Hassle Free? – Learn about the Types of Wine Bottle Openers

Opening a wine bottle can be hard for the people, who know nothing. However, this task can be made easier with the help of a wine bottle opener. These bottle openers come in a variety of sizes and shapes. While most people use the manual bottle openers, many other professionals use the electric wine bottle openers. In this article, we will be talking about the various kinds of manual wine bottle openers and their working mechanism.

Know about the simple corkscrew openers – The Basic

If you have never used any kind of bottle opener, then simple corkscrew openers are the one for you. They are good enough to open any kind of wine bottle. They are basic and one can open the wine bottle by screwing the opener in the cork and twisting it around to loosen it. Ultimately, you will have to draw out the cork and hence you will open your wine bottle.

The various kinds of wine bottle openers

There are various other kinds of bottle openers which are used in many areas. Some of the most popular ones have been mentioned below –

  • Waiter’s corkscrew openers – Though the corkscrew openers do require some skill as you will have to twist the cork and draw it out, it is not very difficult. The waiter’s corkscrew openers are somewhat similar to the simple ones however, they will provide you with some additional features. These include foil cutters and cap openers.
  • Wing corkscrew openers – These are more advanced and will give you a better result. It comes with two levers which hold the bottle in place while you screw it on the cork. To open the bottle you have to push the levers down to draw out the cork. This is far safer and easier to use.
  • Levered opener – These kinds of wine bottle openers are slightly bigger than the usual. You will just have to screw the opener in the cork and then draw it out using the second lever.

You can easily buy any kind of bottle opener from your local store or any online website.