How To Make The Most Out Of Your ID Card Picture

Throughout the world companies are using quite sophisticated ID tags and badges for their employees in order to identify them easier and add more security and stability to their work environment. And even though most companies will settle in with just about any picture their employees send them, most of us try our best to look better in our ID photos. And while we are not allowed to use funny prerequisites or gaze in a certain way, there are still numerous other ways how to look better in any type of ID picture, especially the ones for our work ID cards:

Don’t wear colors close to your skin tone

Most ID pictures already must be done behind a white screen, so why would make things even more scruffy by adding a blouse or a shirt in a similar color as our skin tone? Regardless of the nowadays technologies, the contrast will not be as expected and you might end up looking more or less naked in your ID picture. Instead, use a contrasting color or a bright one that will certainly pop up. Also, in terms of gender, men should wear darker colors and women can put on something vibrant.

Smile slightly

Regardless of your mood that day or how much work you have to finish at the office, you have to put in your best face in order to stand a chance for a decent ID photo. Avoid dull, cold faces with no facial expressions as they might make you look like you are about to kill somebody. Instead, try to smile slightly, without looking fake or forcing yourself too much. Keep your mouth closed, do not flash your teeth, but try to add a little bit of warmth to the picture by a small smile.

Try to keep your eyes wide open

But seriously, not in a freaky way. Don’t try to seduce the camera either by putting on your macho/ femme fatale look as we are still talking about an ID card picture. Instead, try to keep your eyes open in a natural matter and show some confidence while your picture is taken. Luckily, most photographers will grant you to a set of pictures to choose from, but won’t spend too much time with you either, so you would better get it right from the first five shots.

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