Alternative Uses For Your Salad Spinner Which Is Essential In Preparation

So many products have reached their way into the market whose purpose is to make the task easier in any initial food preparation. One of those products is the salad spinner. A product which promises great results every time, but then people begin to ask themselves whether it really is necessary or worth it.

Is a salad spinner really essential?

Tossing a salad isn’t exactly rocket science but having a salad spinner does have its advantages. Such advantages include equal distribution of ingredients and dressing, speed of preparation, and some salad spinners even come with a removable vegetable cutter in order to make the product even more convenient for you.

However, when space comes into question, could anyone really justify losing kitchen or counter space for a salad spinner when salad isn’t prepared very often? Here’s a recommended read for you on alternate uses for your salad spinner in order to utilize it more.

Alternate uses for salad spinners

Here are the uses you must need to know:

  1. Washing and straining – the structure of the salad spinner can be filled with water and used to wash items such as fruit or vegetables. The inside storage can be lifted out and that would also strain ingredients.
  2. Seeding –salad spinners are also effective de-seeders for things like tomatoes or watermelon. Place these items in the salad spinner, give it a few spins and watch the seeds fly out.
  3. Cleaning – there are always some vegetables that are hard to clean like broccoli or string beans. A salad spinner can be a great help here. Submerge them in water and give the spinner a few spins. Replace the dirty water as needed and repeat the process until you are satisfied.
  4. Drying – because of the spinning mechanism, the salad spinner can also be used as an effective dryer. If you are washing nuts or berries, this can be done in the spinner, and they can be dried there too.

All it takes is a little innovation and imagination and your already useful salad spinner gets even more uses and can help you with more things around the house. You don’t have to limit any product to its one use anymore; the more uses this thing has, the more convenience they bring to the entire household. A salad spinner will not just get you great salads every time, but can now also assist with other food items.