12 Expert Wedding Planning Tips & Tricks

15 Expert Wedding Planning Tips & Tricks

Are you about to get married soon? Congratulations! To help you with planning your wedding please follow our 15-point checklist so that you don’t end up with unwanted surprises.

1: Eliminate Things

Most people want to do too much in preparation for your wedding so instead of adding to your already existing list you are going to remove some items that aren’t truly necessary.

2: Keep a Notepad

When the day is nearing you want to make sure you have all the phone numbers in one place and not just in your phone among the hundreds of other contacts like friends, instead of a notepad with all the essential numbers, no more no less.

3: Categorize Your Spending

First, you divide your list into three segments, most important, important, not so important, and then you start allocating your budget to each thing on your list, if you run out of money then scrap the not so important things.

4: A License to Marry

This is something you have to do before you get married so you want to keep this one handy for the actual day, it’s an easy thing to forget about so perhaps have someone remind you of this.

5: Make no Assumptions

When you book a wedding venue, photographer or musician make sure they confirm your appointment either by mail or email, this serves both as a reminder for yourself as for the ones you plan to hire.

6: Cancel Room Reservations

If you have a lot of guests from out of town you want to make sure they are able to book a hotel but there will always be cancellations so about a month in advance you can start canceling those pre-bookings.

7: Step by step

Don’t make yourself crazy by trying to do everything at once, this is why you have a checklist so you can check each item off one by one instead of being a chaotic and trying to do all at once.

8: Children Decisions

You have to make an important decision here, are children allowed at your wedding or aren’t they. You can’t say oh your kids are welcome while someone else’s isn’t, that will result in lots of frowns so be consistent.

9: Manage your Mail

You want to know in advance how much the stamps cost, especially if you want customized stamps and where you can buy them. Not every post office has them and obviously, make sure you know how much the postcard weighs so you get the right postage.

10: Ask Questions

If you hire a wedding planner never be shy to ask about certain details, especially when it comes to unforeseen expenses, they are expecting these questions so don’t worry about this, they are here to make your wedding more pleasant, not harder.

11: An Extra Bartender

If there are more guests than expected you want to make sure there is someone on standby to tend to the bar, nothing as frustrating as having to wait 15 minutes to get a drink.

12: Food preparation

If you have a luxury dinner it’s common for vendors like photographers and musicians to have a different meal then your most important guests, this is a normal ritual and they won’t give you any strange looks.

I hope this guide helps you plan your wedding, especially if you’re not hiring a wedding planner, and if we forgot certain things feel free to leave it in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!